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MCS compression enables unmatched power and protection against muscle trauma through the range of tights, shorts, tops and sleeves. This comes from the ground-breaking Muscle Containment Stamping system, which traces over key muscles, tendons and fascia groups for more targeted and effective compression power.

The PWX fabric offers the best balance between power, weight and flexibility. It uses 2XU's proprietary circular knit, which provides the most consistent, balanced compression power. This means that as the body moves in multiple directions, 2XU compression continues to provide the optimal support.



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Stand out and get noticed. Hyoptik reflective logos help you stay visible when training in low light conditions for greater safety. Train longer without fear of fading into the darkness with Hyoptik compression.

Power up for the cold. 2XU's Thermal compression fabrics offer greater warmth and are the ultimate compression garments for cold climates.

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