Not all compression is created equal. 2XU compression blends medical science with athletic fabrics, which makes it the world's most advance compression technology.

2XU fabric batches are quality tested for power and recovery properties. 2XU fabrics are manufactured in accordance with international (CE and ISO) standards for manufacturing quality and standardization for compression, including ISO 13485, which is the standard for producing medical grade product.

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The only brand committed to fabric testing

An Instron Tensile Measuring device (the international standard apparatus for tensile strength testing) is used to measure the tensile strength and resistance of 2XU fabrics in terms of bursting and tearing.

Globally recognized measuring apparatus

A Salzmann apparatus, which is internationally recognized as the leading and technologically most accurate device for compression measurements, is used for compression testing. It is also used for medical compression testing.

Tested for all conditions in a simulated environment

A climate control chamber, which can be adjusted in temperature and humidity levels, is used to replicate unique climatic conditions around the globe. A Thermal Sweating Manikin is used to perform movements that imitate human body patterns during activity and simulates human body skin responses to wearing apparel.